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Let’s Celebrate Australia Day 2016

As we settled into 2016 on our first week back from our Christmas holiday break, on our second week at our preschool it was time to acknowledge and celebrate our national day of pride Australia Day 2016, with numerous introductory Australia Day literacy, creative, cognitive and musical learning experiences.

At Little Bloomers Preschool, our educators aim to impart knowledge and teach the children to appreciate our country’s flora, fauna, the diversity of culture and foremost acknowledge the Aboriginal people, the original owners and custodians of our land.

AustraliaDay2016-1 AustraliaDay2016-2.


Seeing stories come to life

On 14th of September 2015, Bronwyn from Young Australia Performances arrived to Little Bloomers Preschool, bringing with her numerous props, trinkets, backdrop and of course her magical ability to bring to live storybooks with various genres from different cultures.

As Bronwyn dressed herself into a puppeteer and the narrator of this marvellous storytelling journey to three various destinations around the world, it was time to immerse ourselves into the first story which originated from Morocco.

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Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds

On 26th of August 2015, Angela from the Ladybug Academy arrived to Little Bloomers Preschool equipped with numerous resources to impart knowledge about numerous healthy lifestyle habits that we need to follow and adhere to in order to lead a holistically healthy life.

Angela, with the help of her interactive video characters Milligan and Morris, took the children on a special jungle adventure.

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Cultivating our Curious Minds – Let’s Celebrate Science Week 2015

Beginning 17th of August and ending 21st of August 2015 marks National Science Week and at Little Bloomers Preschool, we are proud to say that we celebrate this special week with numerous hands on science experiments, exploration of various scientifically derived concepts, as well as learning how these conceptual factors exist in our everyday lives. Continue reading