Celebrating Mother’s Day 2016

The morning 6th of May 2016 marked a special celebratory event, as we gathered to
acknowledge Mother’s Day with our mothers, grandmothers, aunts and more.
As mothers, grandmothers, and aunts enjoyed a cup of tea or coffee with a
delicious sweet treat or two, the children busily created special Mother’s Day
love heart card, made flower shapes from playdough, as well as complete
puzzles. The children also eagerly took their mothers, grandmothers and aunts
for a tour of their preschool room, proudly showing the results of the various
learning experiences that they undertake at their preschool.

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Let’s Celebrate The Year of The Red Fire Monkey – Happy Chinese New Year 2016

From 8th February on words, lasting for two weeks, marks the traditional Lunar New Year celebrations. With estimated 19.6% of people in the world celebrating the Chinese New Year marking the 4713th Chinese year, we at Little Bloomers Preschool made the unanimous decision with our children and families to learn more about this special celebration taking place in our wider community.

The children also decorated, painted and tried writing the Chinese word characters for “Happy New Year”, on blank Chinese lantern shapes. Cutting red Chinese lanterns for our room, not only allowed us to practice our cutting skills, but gave us the opportunity to learn the reasons for lighting lanterns as a symbol for letting go of their past selves and getting new ones, which they will let go of the next year. The lanterns we cut were all red, which also symbolised good fortune.

Cooking Chinese fried rice and engaging in sensory play experiences at the special Chinese New Year sensory tub with red coloured rice, Chinese New Year decorative items, containers and more, also igniting conversations about Chinese New Year celebrations and simply becoming familiar with food and cultural symbolism.

ChineseNewYear2016-1 ChineseNewYear2016-2


Let’s Celebrate Australia Day 2016

As we settled into 2016 on our first week back from our Christmas holiday break, on our second week at our preschool it was time to acknowledge and celebrate our national day of pride Australia Day 2016, with numerous introductory Australia Day literacy, creative, cognitive and musical learning experiences.

At Little Bloomers Preschool, our educators aim to impart knowledge and teach the children to appreciate our country’s flora, fauna, the diversity of culture and foremost acknowledge the Aboriginal people, the original owners and custodians of our land.

AustraliaDay2016-1 AustraliaDay2016-2.