Our Preschool

Our Philosophy

Little Bloomers Early Learning Centre endeavors to create and provide a stimulating environment that encourages each child to enquire, explore, investigate and fulfil their sense of curiosity and discovery.

Each individual child is facilitated toward their learning need and interests, and is appreciated for doing so. Our teaching style and educational program incorporate the beliefs and ideologies of various early childhood theorists; such as Piaget, Vygosky, Reggio Emilia and Chomsky. By doing so, we strive to create programmes that allow for evaluation and monitoring of ongoing professional development and learning.

Within the safe hands of our caring and professional staff and child-focused purpose built center environment, children develop life long learning and social skills.

We at Little Bloomers Early Learning Centre, believe each child deserves the right to engage in various learning opportunities and experiences that nurture and develop their physical, social, emotional, as well as intellectual needs and interests, and encourage each child to participate at his or her optimum level.

With the provision of open-ended play materials, equipment and learning experiences, we encourage children to develop a caring and respectful attitude toward each other, our teachers and carers, each other’s belongings, centre’s environment and beliefs, at all times.

Children with special needs will be supported through close consultation with parents/carers and specialist personnel and provision of resources.

At Little Bloomers Early Learning Centre we believe that our centre environment acts as a third teacher, conscientiously and consistently strive to maintain it at its safest and stimulating status.

We at Little Bloomers Early Learning Centre allow the children to travel the journey of learning and discovery of the world around them. The importance of developing mutual trust and respect is believed to be the foundation for fostering positive self-esteem, self-concept and self-confidence. Children’s rights are upheld and our programme supports a diversity of cultural beliefs and it operates without gender-bias.

The NSW Curriculum Framework in cooperation with the children’s interest, parent suggestion and community input is also the foundation of our daily programme. We encourage and welcome parent participation and input at its many levels, including development, implementation and evaluation of our daily programme.

Little Bloomers Early learning Centre is a place for blooming, growing and learning, and we welcome children, parents and staff to construct a fundamental learning environment for all.

The Owners

Julianna is a qualified 3 year trained Early Childhood Teacher (Macquarie Uni) as well as a Registered Nurse (UTS), who has been in the childcare industry since 1996.

A mother of two, she is an advocate for high quality early childhood services. Her vast knowledge of early childhood development and refreshing approach to early childhood education, add a unique and inviting touch to early learning environments.

Recognising the need for a preschool learning environment especially designed for children 3 to 6 years of age, Julianna and Vatche set up Little Bloomers ELC, where children are provided with a stimulating learning environment, under the eyes of caring and professional staff, who also represent positive role models.

Vatche is an IT consultant with wide knowledge of the industry’s technology and advancements. His business and personal communication and understanding plays a great role in children, parent and staff communication.

Vatche’s role is to take care of the business management and accounting, making sure of its smooth operation.

Local small family business, caring and supporting local families.

The Staff

Our experienced, qualified, caring and mature staff are part of our asset. Most of our staff have been with Little Bloomers ELC for a long time, with virtually nil staff turn-over. The mutual understanding between management and staff is part of our commitment to make sure children always see familiar and caring faces when attending preschool. Parents get to know our staff and feel confident their child is being cared for and educated for a bright future.

Our Resident Pets

Within our preschool environment, the children observe, touch, pat and care for numerous resident pets, these are:

  • Flash – Our friendly Lop-Ear Rabbit
  • Salt and Paper: Our two laying hens (hatched from eggs within the centre in April 2015).
  • Crush – Our Australian Native Turtle
  • Goldfish – Crush’s companions
  • Tadpoles & Frogs – Frogs, hatched from eggs into tadpoles now frogs
  • Hermit Crabs – Our two shy friends
  • Silk Worms – Children observing how caterpillars form a cocoon and turn into butterflies.