Testimonials from visiting incursion professionals

Hi Vatche,

Thank you so much, they were a fantastic group. The children were all very engaged throughout the whole narrative and participated enthusiastically when they were asked questions and also responded really well at times when they needed to be quiet and listen. It’s rare to see a group that can transition from having noisy, energetic fun in one moment to being as quiet as a mouse in the next! Not to mention, that this was following on from their story time while I was setting up for the show. It was really clear that they all knew how to be patient, take turns and follow requests – it was truly a pleasure to deliver the presentation to such a lovely group.
Your centre has such a warm and homely feel to it and it’s obvious from all of the children’s art work displayed around the walls that they’re there to develop both socially and emotionally, as well as in an authentic, hands-on way when it comes to getting them ready for school. This is clearly not just a day care, but a centre in which children actively learn and explore.
I really look forward to visiting you all again and had a lovely morning. Thank you! I will be forwarding you through some follow on resources over the upcoming week.
I hope that the children have plenty of ideas about how they can be Health Bugs!

Warm regards,
Angela Andonopoulos

Founder and Creative Director

Ladybug Academy 
M 0424 538 487