When Kindy Farm Came To Our Preschool

On 19th July 2016, our day began on and exuberant note, as the children’s excitement grew in anticipation of the Kindy Farm animals.
With a few hungry creatures waiting for a much belated morning-tea feed, Tiffany asked the children if they could assist her in feeding the cow, the sheep and the goats handful of their special food.
Whilst these hungry creatures devoured their food, the baby goats were also eager for a bottle or two of their favourite drink; milk. As a few children hesitated for this feeding frenzy, most children were eager to help Tiffany and Liviu.
The Piglet, Dephnie the duck, Karamel and Chelsea the rabbits and the chicks patiently awaited there introduction and as this was conducted, the children were provided with the opportunity to hold, cress or simply observe the mannerisms of this farm creatures.
With the Piglet being the most boisterous and noisy one, Tiffany felt it would be best if everyone would just look at him. Tiffany and Liviu’s presentations included numerous informative materials in relation to the special features of this creatures, their special bodily features and their lifestyle habits.
The children were very responsive towards the questions presented, with many imparting insights and experiences of their own encounters of farm animals from their recent trips to the farm for holidays.
The Kindy Farm presentation also conveyed the message of respect and mindfulness in relation to all animals that we share our planet with.

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